What is known as the Collegewear brand of today began as far back as the 2006 as a nameless brand. With inspiration from high school friends of FGC Lagos to wear custom made T-shirts (which was a big deal at the time), I facilitated printing of my friends design on a T-Shirt.

What started as a journey between Lagos Island (to get some blank tees) and working with a recognized artist like Orban Glory of 7th avenue Festac, is evolving to become a promising brand in the bespoke and ready-to-wear clothing industry, working with people across Nigeria, Benin, Ghana, UK, USA and India and China.

From a small bag hanging from my shoulder to the clothing store in the booth of a car and then to a garage shop in Festac, we offer a wide range of services from bespoke cut and sew T-shirts and polos to sale of blank tees and start up tshirt printng equipments, premium vinyl printing and a state of the art premium screen printing press, to training and consultancy for clothing lines and startups.

With growing online presence and trans-border collaborations and other overseas supply and distribution chains, Collegewear Lagos promises to deliver on the hopes of the client.


Collegewear Lagos is a clothing company extraordinaire which began sometime in October, 2010 by Lagos-based Adesunbo Ramon who resides in Festac Town, Lagos. The word Collegewear came about as a clothing brand which started within the great university of Lagos. It had the motive to serve college students within and outside the school walls and also to cater for the growing need of personalized T-shirts and apparels.

Before graduation,the response from the university communities within Nigeria became so massive that it affected academic works and grades. This was when I realized Collegewear Lagos should be more than a college/university project. I said to myself – “this has got to grow into a real business!”

Most of our designs are done in house, while some are brought in by our clients. Others are contracted to the best freelance graphic artists and illustrators around.

Over the years, we have perfected the art of T-Shirt and apparel printing through sheer passion and the will to learn.

Moving from one screen printer to another, to acquiring a cameo plotter and heat press to produce high quality T-shirts to procuring a state-of-the-art 4 colour press,I can humbly say that Collegewear Lagos is on its way to launch and take over Africa as a whole in this highly competitive T-shirt business.

Over the years we have evolved from that brand which makes custom T-shirts downtown to a total package. A total package consists of a one stop shop for final consumers needing both regular and custom apparel to a brand that prints and makes apparel for other clothing brands.

We also offer training and consultancy services to clients and brands; we stock and sell blank tees; clothing vinyl and equipments on demand.

We hope to work with you in any capacity be it small or large runs as we are poised to serve you well and optimistic you’ll be better off with us.



The Collegewear Lagos is being coordinated by Adesunbo Ramon, the major print man and chief operating officer.

Moshood Ogunwolu, he’s the creative director,a major hype man and promoter who doubles as a graphic designer and does mock ups in house and also runs a graphic design company cex exposures.

Williams Muzemmil , a lagos state university graduate who is verse in graphic design , cutter/plotter set up and general tshirt printing

Rilwan is the CEO of wireless media, he freelances for Collegewear Lagos

Vikram Singh from india is our overseas freelance graphic designer who has supported us immensely.

Shittu Opeyemi of the shitt_u wear apparel is an experienced graphic artist. The Orban Glory founder is good at graffiti, pencil work and real art design concept.

YOU are important to us and we thank you for always taking out time to check on us from time to time and give us reasons to stay in business. For all the likes and shares on the various social media platforms we say THANK YOU, you are a major part of the team.



Have you read through our site and checked us on various social media platforms?

Do you have something to contribute to our brand that might improve us in one way or the other?

Are you motivated by what you see?

Are you a graphic artist, printer, internet guru, model, fine faced, photographer, hype man etc?

Reach out to us, We hope to hear from you.

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  • i can offer your brand hype on social media network or platfroms..for more info, send a message back so we can send our price list to you

  • Lovely concept,i work with young people,what about having some young beautiful and handsome people model your brand?

  • I’m a model and a fashion designer. I’d love to work with your team.

    • You are very welcome , kindly shoot us a mail then we can take it from there

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