These are premium vinyl prints that comes in various colours and patterns. Some variants come textured with suede like feel while others have a smooth finish. We usually use them for short run projects or when the client specifically orders for such on large runs. Vinyl does not have minimum orders as no set up fee is required. Vinyl prints are processed in-house.


This is the traditional and cheapest form of printing. Collegewear Lagos started with this form of printing at the start of our printing business but we had to abandon it for vinyl because we weren’t satisfied with the quality of print being churned out. Reason for this was the quality of local printing supplies available to us.

Due to the reasons above, we had to return to the drawing board to acquire new skills and premium screen printing supplies.

This has had amazing rewards and we are proud to re-launch our state of the art in-house screen printing press where we use the finest quality plastisol, discharge and water based inks as well as world class supplies from the USA and UK.

If you are looking for screen prints that are out of this world then you are at the right place. However, you must be willing to pay a little more than what is offered elsewhere.


At our store, we stock a wide range of blank tees for our use and retail. T-shirts are in various colours and sizes and are also subdivided into the locally manufactured category (cut and sew) and the foreign imported blank tees, all T-shirts are of the highest quality around and the major difference between both is the finishing of the product.


We stock a wide variety of vinyl for T-shirt printing, premium vinyl that are not readily available in the open market. Our premium vinyl will make you marvel at our world of imagination. Quality materials you cannot find just anywhere else.


Do you have T-shirts ideas to put on a T-shirt? Do you intend to start a brand or a movement? Do you school or handle other businesses and still want to have a line of clothes on the shelf, then you are at the right place. Why not let Collegewear Lagos handle the production for you? With our experience in T-shirt and apparel printing, we are sure to ease your stress while you focus on design concepts.


We offer T-shirt printing and T-shirt business training and consultancy to start up T-shirt businesses and already existing business that need to branch into new form of print or need to source for equipment and supplies, both locally and from reputable suppliers overseas.


At Collegewear Lagos headquarters (cwHq), we use the highest quality print and cut system for digital transfers. These prints have the flexibility of printing detailed designs, logos and pictures as it doesn’t have colour barrier. The design shown on the screen is what you get on the apparel. The Roland Versacamm comes in handy here.


This is the threaded type of prints commonly used for logos, industrial and personal clothing. Embroidery works are not done in-house but we have affiliate companies who make sure these form of prints come out best. Usually, a set up fee is required and minimum orders also apply.


This form of print is used in printing on white T-shirts as well as mugs, plates, key rings, pens and so on. We are yet to set this up at our current site due to space constraints. We hope to provide this service to you in earnest.


We stock tshirt vinyl  cutter or plotter and heat press on demand .The silhouette cameo is readily available in stock and can be picked up from our office instantly, no need to pre order. the new silhouette cameo 3 is in stock and selling fast

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  • pls i would like to purchase plain or different coloured t-shirt and also print my designs on it and do you???

  • Hi, I want to start a branding business. I am in Akwa Ibom and think i can make money from branding tshirts and bring it down here for sale. The question i have is, how much will it cost me to brand them and bring it here? What different branding styles can i choose for this kind of market…. I plan to make it viral like those NO GUTS NO GLORY, ALOBAM, etc but brand it with Akwa Ibom flavor.

    • thank you for your interest in doing business with us …We must have spoken earlier

  • How much is your plain tshirts and how much will it take to print on them. I will like to know prices per single tshirt and prices per dozen tshirts. Thanks

  • Hello, I’d like to know how much it will cost to get trained in screen printing specifically. Also I would like to know the shortest possible time it will take to acquire the knowledge.the equipments, process, materials and the market where I can purchase these things. Please get back to me on this. Thanks

    • At the moment we train on vinyl printing only, we stock equipment and supplies and we can help you in setting up your workplace

  • please what is the minimum order for coloured and black and white shirts.

  • What’s your charges if am to get d materials for my shirts.

    • we dont sell materials at the moment , we stock premium quality blank tshirts and printed tshirts too

  • please i want to make some t shirts. How can you be of help?

    • you can shoot us a mail or connect with us @collegewear89 on facebook.Twitter, Instagram

      Collegewear lagos is your favourite tshirt print company based in Lagos, Nigeria

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